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Friday, October 20, 2006

Trip to Disney

We took Holly and Brooke down to Disney World the weekend before Holly's birthday. Holly got a virus and didn't feel real good after the first day so we came home a day early. We stayed in Nickelodeon Hotel that had a GREAT swimming pool. The next day we had breakfast with Dora the Explorer, Blue's Clues and Sponge Bob. Holly thought that was pretty cool. We went to Disney for a few hours but it was so hot and Holly was pretty fussy. She did enjoy going on "It's a Small World" which is her favorite ride. Brooke rode her first carousel and was a really good girl the whole day.

The pool was really cool. Ever so often it would pour a huge bucket of green slime on the crowd below. (I think it was just green water)

Holly went down the water slides over and over again. This is the first time she's done the slides. She usually is too chicken.

Brooke loved the pool!

Breakfast with Dora


All worn out!


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