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Friday, July 03, 2009

Brooke's 4th Birthday party

Brooke had her 4th Birthday party at "Sweet & Sassy" on June 6th. There was hairspray, nail polish & makeup galore. She and all her friends had a great time & looked ever so fashionable!

Holly & Brooke before the party
They had a whole team of "makeup artists" working on them! :)Bop, Anne & AllisonBop & LaneyShe picked out midnight blue nail polish.... The whole group

Getting ready to do the Limbo...
Time for pizza and cake

Brooke diggin her fingers in her cake
Brooke wanted her ears pierced for her birthday.

So we decided to get Holly's done at the same time.

Just a few tears and everything was fine....

The girls and Grandma Maher
The girls in their dresses from Grandma Brue


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