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Thursday, December 28, 2006

South Dakota

In South Dakota I got to spend a week with my brother Dave, my Mom, my 2 Aunts, my cousin Anneliese and my Uncle Tom while in South Dakota. It was a very emotional but enjoyable week. I don't think I've ever been to the ranch in the winter and it was cold. I just missed the bad storms in Denver by a couple of hours. Here's a pic of my Grandma with my brother Dave and cousin Anneliese.

It was fun checking out all the places that we used to ride horses and explore when we were kids. We did lots of driving around taking pictures and shooting at things. :) Annie Oakley - I am NOT! I did manage to hit a paint can a few times. Dave and Anneliese were much better than me. (It might help if I didn't close my eyes every time I pulled the trigger) :)

There's my paint can with holes in it!We made stockings with our names on them to hang up
I think I saw over 100 deer while we were there. I made Dave drive me around chasing them so I could get their picture.
Dave and I


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