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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Making the most of these HOT days....

We went to the water park Saturday with Amy & the girls & it was smoking hot outside. Holly went on every waterslide except the biggest one which was amazing...she's usually pretty conservative! She was with Amy & the other girl's and I was on the other side of the park with Brooke, so I guess she'll be brave when her Mom isn't around. Brooke just ate up all the attention that Anne & her friend Carly gave her.

Waiting very patiently for the park to open
Holly on the slide she called the Toilet bowl - she rode it 3 times
All the girl's playing "babysitter" to BrookeHolly & Carly going up up up
Weeeeee! Allison has a "get your feet out of my face" look :)She was very proud of herself after doing the Toilet bowl ride
Chillin in the wave pool


  • At 6:13 PM , Blogger Amy M said...

    Those are so cute! Great shot of Holly in the toilet bowl! I wish I would have brought my camera!!


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