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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Holly at the Fire Station

Holly's playgroup got to go on a tour of the Jacksonville Beach Fire Station. Here are some pictures:

Driving the fire truck

Hangin out with Reid, Jackson & Tyler

Sliding down the pole with Reid

She's not looking to sure about the fire hose

New pics...

We took Holly & Brooke to the park nearby last week to feed the ducks and Brooke was in heaven! "Duck" is one of her first words. She was all over the playground and even threw bread to the ducks (she ate some too!) :)

This is Brooke running across the bridge with her buddy Laney

She did the slide all by herself!
Playing with and eating sand are two of her fave things to do.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New pics of the girls

Brooke is pretty much walking all the time now. She took a little face dive on the concrete last weekend but other than that, she's been truckin right along. Holly is doing great in school and loves it. Here are some new pics: (P.S. I really do brush Brooke's hair - she just makes a mess of it!)

Holly's current favorite treat - popsicles!

Cruising along at the beach

Brooke's road rash

Brooke with her first pigtails! They lasted about 20 seconds.

Brooke loves to snuggle up to Holly when Holly's watching TV.