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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Brooke goofing off in Holly's old Halloween costume playing with the Raggedy Ann dolls my Grandma made.

She will never smile nice for long

Holly's fieldtrip to the zoo

Holly and her kindergarten class took a field trip to the zoo this week. She got to pet all kinds of little critters. She was very excited to ride the big yellow school bus!

Petting a chinchilla

Petting some pokey lil critter


Holly's first softball game

Holly's first softball season started today. She did pretty good...3 ups and three hits! Her first hit, she walked over to her coach, handed him the bat and then ran to first base! :) They were all so cute!

Team pictures before the game
My cute lil girl who will hopefully love softball as much as her Mom does! :)
Holly & Kelly
The girls before the game

Holly ready to field (except I think she's looking the wrong way! )

Rounding second base

Playing at the park after the game

Goofing off before school

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Quarterly cat-torturing pictures...

This poor darn cat....

Holly is on her first little girl's softball team! I think her Mom is more excited than she is! She is doing pretty good & seems to enjoy it :)
and Brooke, of course, is all over the place during practices....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! The girls got lots of treats at their parties at school.

Before school Friday
After school with their Valentines boxes

Showing each other all their cards

Sam's Birthday in Atlanta

The girls and I drove up last weekend to Atlanta for Sam's 8th birthday party. She had a "Snakes-R-Us" guy come and show them all kinds of creepy snakes and animals. The girls had a great great time and were mighty tired by the time we got home.


Brooke and Sam
Brooke and her favorite caretaker Anne who is so so so patient with her!
Brooke, Anne & Sam
Brooke riding the 4 wheeler with Uncle Randy

Anne, Chelsea and Amy watching the snake show
Sam held all kinds of snakes
Playing with the giant turtle
Holly & Hawthorne the turtle
Petting the alligator
Group shot
Anne, Sam and Allison
Blowing out her candles on her snake cake

Later that night, the girls were boogy-ing in the living room
All us and all our girls!
All the girls dressed up
Brooke working on her Saturday Night Fever dancing

Bop's fun meter eventually broke and she could no longer hang with the big girls. She passed out right on the floor & they kept on dancing around her! :)
Look at these tongue-talented girls
Me, Chelsea, Kim, Lindsey, Amy & cross-eyed Allison