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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Holly's last day of 1st grade

Friday was Holly's last day of school. I wish she could have her 1st grade teacher forever! (Yes I cried) She was excited to have no more school for awhile. I'm excited to not have to set an alarm clock for awhile!
Holly and Brooke before school

Cleaning out their desks
The butterfly cocoon they have been watching conveniently opened up on the last day of school. They were all excited to see the butterfly flying around in their garden.

Brooke's 5th Birthday!

Brooke had a busy busy birthday! She started out the day with Sports Camp and ended it with a party at Pump It Up with 18 of her favorite peeps. To say she was wiped out is putting it mildly!!! Happy 5th Birthday Bop!!!

Waking up and checking out the lootBefore leaving to camp
After camp, getting ready to leave for her party
Me and my girls
Daddy and his little girl who acts just like him! (haha!)
Mommy and the birthday girl

Ready to go jump their heineys off!
Bouncing around
Holly and Allison
Bop and Haley

Dancing around
Group shot
Brooke on her throne in the party room
Laney and Brooke
Mom must have been really hungry when she ordered this cake. It was a tad bit too big!
Bop and Papa
Laney, Brooke and Hannah Elizabeth

Holly's end of the year party

The whole first grade went to Jack Russel Park for an end-of-the-year party. They played in the 90+ degree heat all day long and had a blast! Holly and her two fave girls from her class...twins Natalie and Avery
Lily, Olivia and Holly

Monday, June 07, 2010

After-race party

After the "Never Quit" race....they had a party and The Mosquitos played. The girls had a blast dancing to the live music and it was hotter than you-know-what that night! Both were dead tired by 10 pm that night!

Troy and his girls (and their friends from softball)
Bop and HannahElizabeth danced all night
Holly smacking the beach ball around

They took Bop on stage and had the crowd sing Happy Birthday to her....she thought she was HOT stuff!!!
All the girls

Never Quit Fun Run

Dan, Holly and Brooke ran in the Never Quit 1 mile fun run on Saturday. Holly did really good this time. Brooke did good too except for stopping to pick up seashells a couple of times in the middle of the race. It was extremely hot that morning and they were both ready to hit the ocean afterwards!
Waiting for the race to start
and they are off....

Here comes Holly!!
and Daddy and Brooke right behind her

I asked them if they had fun...both said "Yes!" then I asked if they wanted to do it again...both said "No!"
Time to swim