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Friday, October 31, 2008

Holly's Halloween Parade

Holly's entire school had a Halloween parade this morning. The weather was perfect. Little Red Holly-Hood was so excited to wear her costume to school and that her Grandma & Grandpa were coming to watch her parade. She told everyone that her Grandma made her costume (Thank you Grandma!). She was waving throughout entire parade like a little Miss America.

Heading back to school....

Brooke's School Halloween Party

Brooke had two Halloween parties at school this week. She dressed as a Jaguar Cheerleader so we wouldn't wreck her "real" costume before Halloween :)

RAH RAH RAH Brooke & Holly before schoolBrooke's little class all dressed up.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Holly without training wheels!!!!

Holly has learned to ride without her training wheels. She's still a little shaky on turning but has been cruising straight up and down our street for three days now! Of course Brooke wants hers taken off now too...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Party

We went to a fun Halloween party last weekend. As you can tell - Dan worked really hard on his costume. Good thing my Dad had a German hat :)

Amy & I Bunch of the girls...
Fred and Wilma Flintstone (Amy & Troy)
End of the night...braids are gone, Wilma's wig's missing...lots of fun :)

The Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday....we tried to wait this year til the last minute so our pumpkin wouldn't get rotten & moldy in the sun :)

Only in Florida do they sell coconuts at the pumpkin patch...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Brooke's Hoe-down


Brooke's school had a little "Hoe-down" on Wednesday. They got to do arts-n-crafts, they had a petting zoo, rode horses & ate lots and lots of junk food.

Doing her little craft

Making her scarecrow

terrorizing the goats

yeeee haw!

The Zoo

We decided to take advantage of the cooler weather and head to the zoo for awhile Sunday morning.
Acting like monkeys

Allison's game

We went to watch Allison play softball last Friday. She did a great job - must be the great coach she has! :)

She was the pitcher
Coach Amy/Mom coaching 1st base with Allison on the bag

Lil Babe Ruth
The girls didn't watch much but had a great time playing in the dirt!
Holly, Anne & Bop
After the game - Amy & Allison

Brooke's frog

Brooke caught this little frog at Grandma's house....poor little froggy

Field Trip

Holly and I went on a field trip to see the show "The Three Little Pigs". Holly was very excited to ride a school bus & we had a great time.
Getting on the school bus (she's right in the middle in the white shirt)

Waiting for the show to start

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This cute, chubby lil girl is 6 years old today! It seems like just yesterday that she was this little.... 1st thing this morning, we went to the bakery to pick up our cookies in the shape of the number "6" to take to share with her class. They were so cute.

Ms. Towne had a birthday "crown" waiting for her in the classroom.

Holly and Ms. Towne

After school hanging out with Brooke, still wearing the crown :)

Very excited to go eat Japanese food (or to the "Chef's house" as Holly calls it).
Waiting for the chef to throw some food in her mouth.

Having the waitresses sing Happy Birthday to her.

Then we went home to go eat cupcakes with her buddies Reid & Laney & do some swimming.

Happy Birthday sweet big girl Holly :)