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Friday, November 23, 2007

Universal Studios Thanksgiving Day

We went to Universal Studios on Thanksgiving Day and it was so much fun. The lines were short & it wasn't very crowded. We stayed at a Universal Hotel so all you have to do is show your room key & you pretty much get right on every ride. The girls loved the Dr. Suess Land. The Spiderman ride scared the crap out of Holly! We couldn't get off of that one fast enough! We ate our Thanksgiving dinner at (don't laugh) a place called The Nascar Grille...mainly because there was no wait & we only had to walk about 20 feet. They had the whole turkey dinner and it was actually pretty good. (Plus we got to watch a tiny bit of football & rest!)

This is on the water taxi from our hotel to Universal.

Woody Woodpecker

In the Jurassic Park area they had a big net-thing that the girls could climb. Holly loves those things. They wear me out trying to keep up with her!

Playing with the water spouts
Holly loves Dinosaurs!

Little Miss Paleontologist telling everyone around her about the baby Triceratops.

Riding the Cat in The Hat ride. We had to ride this one three times :)
Bop being goofy

Disney Thanksgiving

We went down to Orlando on Wednesday for the Thanksgiving break. It was a lot of fun but everyone was wiped out by Friday a.m. We went to Disney World on Wednesday and it was a LOT more crowded than I thought it was going to be. The girls had a great time and LOVED seeing all the characters in the parade.

"Can we have our $215.00's worth of tickets please?" (and that's with Brooke getting in FREE...Disney is ridiculously expensive!!!)
First stop - carousel (shortest line)
It didn't take Bop too long to figure out how to spin the Teacups - barf!Bop rode her first real rollercoaster & loved it.
Waiting for "It's a Small World" for the second time.

Riding Winnie the Pooh

Brooke's fun meter is slowing down a bit. It wasn't MY idea to wait 45 minutes to ride Dumbo.
Holly & Daddy on Dumbo
This was the first time we've ever made it past dark with both girls. Disney had all it's Christmas decorations out and the girls loved CInderella's castle being all lit up.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Holly in print!

Holly has been in the local newspaper (The Beaches Leader) 2 times in one month! What a celebrity! :) (I actually took the class picture - does that make me the paparazzi?)

This was in the paper today from her class field trip to the Fire Station. She is in the front row in the center with her arms crossed.
This one was from the Pumpkin Patch at her school. She's in 2 of these pictures. (she's sideways in one & in the middle of the other)

Allison's Gymnastics party

Allison had her 5th birthday party at her Gymnastics place today. They all had a fun running around & doing gymnastics! Holly is worn out!

Happy Birthday Allison!
I think this was everyone's favorite thing to do....jump off a spring board into a big pit of foam. Here goes Allison.....

Allison....and then Holly....... and Sam
....and Anne weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Holly, Sam & Anne waiting in lineHollyAllison & her gigantic cake her Daddy made Sam, Uncle Randy & Anne

Hanging out at Anne & Allison's house afterwards (Holly, Sam & Anne)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Wiggles

We took the girls to watch The Wiggles tonite. Neither of them really watch the Wiggles but they both had a lot of fun. Holly remembered all the dances & songs. Brooke kinda just stared at everything in amazement and occasionally waved at Dorothy the Dinosaur :)

Waiting to give Wags the Dog his paper bone

Thanksgiving Parade

Holly & her classmates had a Native American parade at school today. Holly's Native American name was "Hopping Bunny". They sang a couple of songs & marched around the school in their costumes. They were so cute!

She is on the left.

Chief "Hopping Bunny"Marching & playing her Tom-Tom

She's waving like Miss America

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Go Anne Go!

Holly & I went to Anne's softball game Tuesday night. Her team won (Yay!) and she did really good! Holly had a great time playing with Allison & cruising around on scooters.
She looks like a Pro!
After the game