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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brooke's last game

Brooke's last game was tonight. She absolutely loved her coach (well not enough to score any goals for him) and loved all the girls on her team. We went to Chick-fil-a for a little after party.

Already taking a break and the game hasn't even started.

Go Rockets!
Girl Power!

Getting her trophy
Group shot

Farmer Bop

Brooke had a birthday party at a horse farm last weekend and had a blast. It was hotter than you-know-what but that didn't stop her from riding the horse several times and chasing down poor little rabbits and ducks!
Bop, HannahElizabeth and Annalise

Brooke and HannahElizabeth

Poor lil bunny!

Holly's Art fair

Holly had an art fundraiser at school and they put on a cute little program before it started. We were way in the back so my pictures are kinda crappy.

Uncle Dave up the tree

Dave cut down one of our neighbor's trees a few weeks ago...the girls thought it was pretty cool he was up so high!

Soccer has come to an end!

Holly played her last soccer game on Tuesday night. She really loved playing soccer this year....hopefully she'll want to keep it up!

My pretty girls...

Holly's science project

Holly had to do a science project last week...which really means MOMMY had to do a science project. She was home sick two days so we made use of the time without Brooke being into everything and got it all done. Science is soooo not Mommy's "thang" :)

Holly at school at the science fair

St. Paul's carnival

Off to the land of funnel cakes and rides that are ran by lovely individuals with very poor hygiene! The girls had a blast at the carnival this year but they are both pretty chicken when it comes to riding "scary" rides. Brooke and Laney

Holly jumping on the bungee thingy

Holly, Ava and Bop