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Monday, November 09, 2009

The Blue Angels

Jax Beach had their Sea and Sky Spectacular this weekend. The airshow was Sat and Sun but they practiced all week. We went down to the beach and watched them 4 times. They are awesome!!! After the actual show on Saturday - we came back to the house and celebrated Grandpa's birthday.

Holly loved watching the Blue Angels

Brooke loved playing in the sand...I think she wasn't too excited by the 4th viewing

Grandpa and Grandma and Holly
Two of them are upside down!!

Blowing out his candles. Brooke said she thought Grandpa was 28 years old!

Happy Halloween!!

Holly asked me all day to put her Bride costume on to go Trick-or-Treating....I finally put it on - she goes to about 5 houses and wants to go home and pass out candy! Brooke was an Indian and was thrilled that Grandma Maher made her costume for her. She looked so cute. She walked and walked until about 9:45 p.m. We got lots of loot!

Holly, Brooke and Laney ready to go....

Handing out candy
Still going....

at about 10:00 p.m. Brooke's fun-meter had broken....we had tears and this nice little tongue sticking out at me....

The girls Halloween parades

Holly got to wear her costume for her Halloween parade the Friday before Halloween. She was very excited! They marched around the school a few times and then had a fun little Halloween party in their classroom. Here she is.....the bride

The whole class
Playing Bingo at her class Halloween party
Brooke's parade was for the Cystic fibrosis foundation...they just had to wear hats and march around with their animal masks on.

Her whole class