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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Getting together with old friends...

We got to celebrate Ben House's 70th birthday Saturday night. We all go back a long way (Italy) and it's just amazing how you can get together with good people and feel like no time has gone by at all! Happy 70th Birthday Ben! Glad we could help you celebrate!

He wasn't expecting all of us...SURPRISE!
Ben and Dad

Ben and Judy

The folks...

Me and Chechi
Group shot
Me, Ben & Michelle
Ben and his wife, Chechi and adorable son, Justin
The House family

Happy Birthday Anne!

We went to Jungle Quest to celebrate Anne's 9th birthday. It was fun...Holly wouldn't do any of the zip lines but still wore the harness around like a champ! :)

Anne zipping around

The Birthday girl! Happy Birthday Anne!!!!! Love you!!!

Amy & her "baby" :)

Sam, Bop & Holly

Troy looking like he's up to no good...

Group shot

The Beach ~again~

Everyone was in town for Anne's birthday party this weekend so we all hit the beach Friday. We had a great time with the Crass peeps (as always!) until the black clouds rolled in...
Sam, Holly & Allison

Nancy, AMy & Kim
After lunch heading back to the beach...

Sam & Bop
Aunt Kim & Allison
Head for cover!
Later that night at Mandarin Ale House
Hanging out at Amy's house

Lots of girls!!!!

Still loving the summer time!

Brooke decided to jump in fully clothed....

Lisa & Michael's visit

My sister Lisa and her husband Michael came for a visit two weeks ago. The girls were all about them & had a great time hanging out with them (especially their "child" Cleo the pug) :)

On the pier at Jax Beach

Michael trying to get lil Miss Attitude to hold a starfish
She gave in...

Grandma and Brooke picking up shells...well Grandma's picking up shells, Brooke's picking her seat :)
Lisa and I