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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Holly's soccer

Holly is still diggin soccer, which is great...puts her to sleep REALLY easy at night! :)

Grandma's 26th birthday :)

We went over to Grandma's house to help her celebrate her birthday. Ben and Judy House came and everyone had fun.
Holly chilling out... Dad and Joan have been waiting for these blue bird eggs to hatch for weeks and figured out that something was wrong. Dan decided to look into the bird house and found a new tenant that needed to be evicted.
Dan and Dave
Uninvited guest
Yeah- keep that thing over there!

Bop isn't scared of much...
Opening presents with Grandma
Holly reading Grandma all her birthday cards
Dad, Judy, Joan and Ben
Blowing out those 26 candles
Grandma and her girls
Dave, Joan and I

Opening of the Beaches Parade 2010

So much for opening of the beaches...it rained and rained but finally cleared up right as the parade was starting.
Brooke the fashionista!

Holly getting some candy from a pirate

School Party

Holly's class had a going-away party for their assistant teacher, Ms. Osbrach.

Holly and Ms. Osbrach
The whole group
Then that night was "Atlantic Beach Elementary Night" at McDonalds

Goofing off before school....

Lost tooth number 2!

Holly lost her 2nd tooth and her darling sister proceeded to drop in down the drain in the bathroom.

The Dolphin Dash

Holly ran the Dolphin Dash at school last Friday with her Dad. (I asked her if I could run with her and she said "No, you just take pictures!" sheesh) She was really excited and did a great job!

Holding the sign Bop and I made for her!Dancing on the sidelines watching the other classes run
Holly's cheerleader
Stretching out before the big race

At the starting line....
and they are off!
Go Holly Go!
Crossing the finish line

Bop and her soccer

Brooke has been doing good at soccer....if I can get her to stop talking and playing with her friends and FOCUS! (I know I know...just like her Mom)We always have to stop in the middle of the game to hug friends on the other team! :) At least She didn't have to have her coach in her individual picture this year!
Group shot
Girls rule