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Saturday, January 23, 2010

My girls....

Brooke the rockstar

She was having a little bit of hair issues....her stylist wasn't available before the video shoot.

New Years Eve/New Years day

This cold weather is putting a damper on our outdoor stuff! It was coooooold here for about 2 weeks. The girls kept saying "We have to wear a jacket AGAIN?" I almost ALMOST went out and bought an electric blanket! :)

but it didn't stop Brooke from cruising on her bike while I froze my butt off chasing after her...
This weather turned my nice tropical flowering back yard (beginning of Dec 2009) ...
into this ugly mess that looks like someone has poured kerosine on everything...(Jan 2010)

for our New Years eve celebration we went to Pump it Up and bounced all our energy away!

Then off to the park

Is she gonna be a great fireman or a........hmmmm...we won't go there!

New Years day we met some friends at Ollie Koalas

Then Brooke and Daddy went to the Gator Bowl game to watch Florida State play their last game with Bobby Bowden as the coach. Brooke had a blast!