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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Never ever ending rain

It's been raining here for 10,000 days (well actually 3) and everyone was going a little stir-crazy. What started out as the girls helping pick up all the storm trash in the yard....

turned into a little cute splashing in the gutters.....

which then turned into this....

and this....

Brooke dumping out the soaked rain boots!

Brooke's preschool graduation

Brooke graduated from her preschool today. She looked adorable. Her class sang a bunch of songs (Brooke picked her nose during a few) and just looked cute! Afterwards they had a big luncheon for all the parents and grandparents. Brooke was most excited that her Grandma and Grandpa were there. The room was sort of dark so my pictures didn't turn out so hot.

Click on this picture below for a video of a few of their songs :) (Brooke is in the middle row, 2nd from the left)

Marching in the auditorium

With Mom and Dad afterwards

Brooke an Laney
Brooke and Hannah Elizabeth

At the luncheon

silly girls

ahhh nice weather

Loving the summer days...here is our first trip to the waterpark this season :)

Mothers Day "tea" at Brooke's school

I went to tea at Brooke's school right before Mother's day. They sang some songs & gave us presents. It was sweet.

Here they are singing...Brooke is 4th from right
Brooke holding up the picture she made me. The teachers asked them which princess their Mom looked most like and how old they thought their Mom was...It said "I think my Mommy looks like Belle and I think my Mommy is 15 years old." :)

Goofing off with the camera

Okay - I love the Jasmine blooming this time of year so I made the girls pose for me :)
Brooke and Laney (= trouble) Laney


We went to the St. Paul's carnival this year and rode pukey spinning rides all night, ate lots of crap and had lots of fun!

Dance pictures

Brooke and Laney had to get all dolled up in their recital costumes for their dance pictures. They looked so cute!

This is Paris Hilton chilling by the pool afterwards.....

Shaking their booties out by the pool

Here's the girls dancing out by the pool :)
(Just click on the link)

Happy Birthday Grandma!

We celebrated Grandma's 21st birthday in April with some dinner & cake. The girls are both wearing dresses made by Grandma! :)