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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dancing in the Streets

This weekend was the Dancing in the Streets festival at the beach so I took Holly down Saturday night to watch our favorite local band play :) We met up with Anne, Allison & Amy. They had fun dancing in the back of a pick up to the music.

Here they are waiting for the band to start

Amy & Allison
Watching the band play from the side of the stage
Saturday Night Fever


Beach day

We met Allison & Aunt Amy at the beach Saturday. I think it was the most relaxing day I've spent at the beach in like.....5 1/2 years! There was a little tide pool that pretty much kept the girls busy for hours. The crazy girls going to body surf...the water was freezing!
Surf's up dude

Bop snuggling with Aunt Amy
Cute lil beach bums

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Disney World

We took a day trip down to Disney on Wednesday and it was so much fun. I don't think I will ever go there on a weekend again! We had no waiting time and the weather was awesome! We spent most of our time riding rides that we never have been on before. The girls got to meet the Princesses and they were in heaven. Brooke would only go up to them with me...but she did give Sleeping Beauty a hug and told her that she wanted her on her birthday cake.

Brooke the tourist checking out the map!
Brooke wanted to ride the roller coaster! Holly & the pirate dude from Peter Pan
Waiting for the parade
Brave Brave Daddy letting her eat a Slushy drink on his shoulders! Watching the Dreams show in front of Cinderella's castleRiding Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride
Holly & Belle

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mother's Day lunch at school

Holly had a Mother's Day Luncheon at her school. It was so cute. I dropped Bop off at Grandma's (which was very nice) and Holly & I had a great time. She had so many cute Mother's Day projects that she made. She had a book where the teachers asked her a question and she would "fill in the blank" Her book had two answers that cracked me up. Here is the cute little picture she drew of me at the beginning of the book.

The question #1:
What happened to me? She made me look like the Tazmanian Devil! HAHA!

Question #2: If I could buy my Mother anything for Mother's Day it would be a : bed

I agree with Holly.....I don't get enough sleep around here! Maybe I'll get to sleep in on Mother's Day!

Holly & I before school Holly & I with the picture she painted of me

Holly & Ashley
Holly and her teachers, Mrs. Snow & Mrs. Harper. I am very sad that we only have 2 weeks of school left and they won't be her teachers any more! We love them!!!!!!!

Cute lil boogers

The girls were actually in the mood to have their pictures taken so I took a bunch! Of course Brooke would only sit still if I let her choke the cat in all the pictures. Here are some cute ones

I keep telling Sammy just to bite her but he won't do it.

This cat has a serious pissed off face.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Jax Beach Carnival

St. Paul's Catholic Church had it's yearly carnival. Lots of greasy food, expensive rides, not enough bathrooms & tons of fun! Holly cried the whole way home afterwards because she wanted to stay. Amy, Anne & Allison came & we met Missy, Heyward, Reid & Laney there. I think everyone had fun.

Holly, Laney, Bop, Anne & Allison
Brooke & her babysitter, Anne :)
The little ones wanted to ride the spinning strawberry ride...us big girls were about ready to barf.
Waiting in line for the ferris wheelMe, Anne & Brooke
Laney, Missy & Allison

Holly thought this bungee/trampoline thing was the coolest thing ever...

Anne jumping
Allison was a little acrobat on this thing!
Snow cone time

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dance Class pictures

Holly had pictures at her Dance class today so I took her to Sweet and Sassy to have her hair cut & pulled up in a bun. I had no idea how to do that & she has WAY too much hair for me to even try :) She loved getting to wear her recital costume. She kept saying she looked like Cinderella getting married. She was such a good girl sitting still for over an hour while Brooke terrorized the place. Holly looked so darn cute!

She's being such a good girl......

....and then there is Brooke

The little Ballerina