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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Misc Holly pictures

She has a lizard on her head!

Say cheese!
Running thru the sprinkler

This kid...............

....she's going to drive me nuts! She is so funny but so darn STUBBORN!!!!!!!!!!! (Like her Dad)

She's ticked off because she wanted to go outside & I had to find my shoes.

Pouty face

more weekend pictures

Dancing & watching the live band play at the "Dancing in the Streets" Festival

At the beach

Holly didn't think the water was cold at all but it was freezing. Brooke was a little weary of going in the water (which was fine with me).

Beautiful weekend!

We had a fun weekend. The weather was beautiful so we swam both days. We went out to eat with some friends Saturday night & then I took Holly to watch the "Dancing in the Streets" Festival. She loved watching the band play! We went to the beach for a while Sunday morning and they loved it.

Getting this kid to wear goggles is like pulling teeth!

1-2-3 JUMP!