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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day

Santa came through... Santa brought this drum set for Holly even though Mommy was more leaning towards the flute or the Harmonica....

I think Bop looks like "Animal" from the muppets in this picture! :)
Opening presents at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Brooke ended up with a fever on Christmas day so that cut everything short :(

Christmas Eve

So so not ready to go to bed...they were so excited!

outside putting out the reindeer food
Cookies for Santa
reading "The Night Before Christmas"....
and opening one gift before bedtime

Goofing off with Anne & Allison

Aunt AMy, Anne & Allison came over before Christmas and the girls had a good ole time putting on make-up, dressing up etc...

It was cold outside but they didn't care!

Hair everywhere!

Cute lil Allison

No Training wheels!!!!!

Brooke learned how to ride her bike last Wednesday and now you can't keep her off that thing!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

visit with Santa

Before heading to the mall to see Santa

Peeking in thru the window of Santa's house...

The official Santa portrait Brooke asked Santa if his beard was real. He said "Pull on it!"

so she did...
Brooke in a little art project she made at school :)

Brooke's Christmas program

Brooke had a little Christmas program at school. She did a great job singing her songs. They were all so cute and she was very excited to perfom! She is to the right of the little dude dressed as a star in the middle.

Waving to her fans...

She spotted me in the crowd

Gingerbread houses

I got to go to Brooke's school and decorate Gingerbread houses with her. I think we ate more than we decorated!

Her and her best buddy Hannah Elizabeth

Tree decorating

The girls were most excited to decorate the Christmas tree this year....

Then it turned into a wrestling match....
...I'm assuming Brooke lost the match
They became friends again

Veteran's Day

On Veteran's Day, Brooke had a little flag ceremony at her school, They were very cute. Holly didn't have school that day so we met Grandma and Grandpa downtown at the Veteran's Day parade. It was fun and made you proud to be an American!

Brooke and her class. (She is in the white shirt in the back right)
Holly and G&G waiting for the parade to start

Jacksonville Police Officers

This U.S. Army nurse was a veteran of the Normandy Invasion June 1944

Love this picture....