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Monday, August 27, 2007

Here goes peaceful naptimes! :(

Bop just discovered how to climb out of her crib. GREEEEAAAT! Click on the picture & you can see the escape artist. Lil booger.
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Terrible Two!

First day of school for Holly

Today was Holly's first day of school. It was more like an orientation to meet the teacher and her new classmates. She was all about carrying her new backpack (even though it was empty!).

"Let's go already!!!! Quit taking pictures Mommy!"

Looking for her name on the door

Saturday, August 25, 2007


It rained today so we took the girls to this new toy store that just opened up and they had a "live"Elmo. Holly walked right up to Elmo and said "Elmo, give me five!" Bop liked Elmo from a distance (barely).
She wouldn't even look at him for a picture.

Bop's like, "Great....I'm minding my own business and here he comes again."

Adventure Landing

We went to the water park up the street for their "Friday Family Night" and had a blast. Everyone is sore today from climbing all the stairs and sliding over and over again. Brooke really surprised me. She wasn't scared at all! We finally had to drag Holly off the water slides to go home! I think we will do this more often....lots of fun and the girls were pooped! :) (These pictures are not that great because it was pretty dark)
Checking out the alligators on the way in


One last thrill! Riding the roller coaster before we went home.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The many silly faces of Bop.....

I swear....this kid is a nut.....

My lense was fogged up because it's so stinking hot outside!

This is her scary face.....

We see this face way too often in these terrible twos

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Some cute pics

Bop's saying "These are my boobies Laney."

Monday, August 06, 2007

Tunnelz and Tumblez

We went to Tunnelz and Tumblez today in St. Augustine. Brooke was a little on the conservative side but I think Holly could've stayed there all day long!

Drink break

Silly Girls

Bop loves to put Holly's clothes on. Here she is walking around with Holly's swimsuit on her head.
So much for relaxing on my float in the pool!

Elton John wanna-be

Happy Birthday Laney!

Brooke's best buddy Laney had her 2nd birthday party Sunday. Everyone swam their hearts out & had a great time!

Dipping their fingers in the cake :)Happy Birthday Laney!