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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just goofing around....

Lil Daisy Duke

Cowgirl Brooke found Holly's old cowboy hat & boots from Halloween a few years ago. She wore these all day last week & ran around yelling "Yee haw!" and "giddy up" :)

The belt added a nice touch & the purple necklace :)

Brooke's Open House

Brooke had her open house on Friday. School starts for her on Wednesday. I think she will like her new class....it has tons on girls & they were all busy "cooking" food in the kitchen. She doesn't have her best buddy Laney in her class this year but she is right next door. I'm sure they will still terrorize the playground at recess! :)

Brooke & Laney being silly

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

Fay Fay go Away! Tropical Storm Fay came and hung around for 4 days last week. It rained & rained, school was cancelled and the Lofton girls were climbing the walls!

Deserted streets

Brooke in her cowboy boots, picking up sticks after it FINALLY stopped raining.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Holly is in Kindergarten!!!

My little baby girl started Kindergarten today! She came and woke me up this morning and said "Mommy is Kindergarten today?" She was very excited! She went right into her class and started working on her drawing of what they did this summer. Brooke wanted to stay in Holly's classroom (maybe I could bribe the teacher?) . Holly said she had lots of fun. I just can't get over that she is in Kindergarten now! Before school with her Atlantic Beach Book bag

Brooke was very excited that Holly's school is pink. She said "Look Holly! That is my most favorite color!" Only in Florida!!

Busy drawing her picture

Brooke kissing Holly goodbye. Bop & I went for a donut after we left Holly....then she was like "Holly who?"


We went over to Grandma's house for breakfast yesterday to visit with an old friend of theirs from Germany. It was great to see Herb (the one and only Herb - they guy who could catch us doing anything wrong back in High School!) and he hasn't changed a bit...still cracks me up!

Herb, Joan & Dad

Brooke found a little toad in the back yard and was just laughing hysterically everytime it jumped out of her hands!

The girls reading books at Grandma's

Ramstein High School Reunion 8/08/08

We had our Ramstein Germany High School Reunion in Dallas on 8/08/08 and it was so much fun! 125 people showed up from all over the place & it seemed like we were all back in High School for 3 days.

Kim, Amy & I met at the airport

The first night (Jeanne, Kim, Amy & I)
Night number 2 - all the girls
The reunion lunch on Sat. Everyone was moving a little slow by now...
Daylene Allan & IThe last night....all the girls in the club

All the crazy boys in the clubFun fun night with my BFF's. We laughed til our faces hurt & went to bed at 5:30 a.m.! It was a long plane ride home!

Here we are "back in the day" 1989 :)

Jackson's birthday

We went to Jackson King's pool party in July. Poor Aline (Jackson's Mom) had to make alternative plans since someone left a little floater in the pool the night before. Everyone had a great time on the waterslides & bouncy houses and it was HOT HOT HOT!

"Unforseen Circumstances"........that would be the baby ruth floating around! :)
6 years old!Laney & Brooke going to bounce

Reid sliding
Jackson & Reid


We went to Laney's (who Bop calls "My bestest friend in the whole wide world") 3rd birthday party at My Gym. Everyone had a great time! They were all worn out by the time it was over.

Bop & Laney playing under the parachute
The group

Laney & her Mom & brother Reid
Circle Time