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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Brooke's 1st soccer game of the year

Don't let these pictures fool you....Lil Mia Hamm was not out on the field to play soccer tonight. Although she did much better than her first soccer game last year (where she boo-hoo'd on the sideline the whole time), she is pretty much out there to be the social butterfly, dance in the grass, play in the dirt, find out who is bringing the snack, and tell the coach she's ready for a "break". Free kid!! Anyone? Anyone??

Go Bop Go!
She looks kinda bad-ass in this picture... :)

Her and her buddy Hannah Elizabeth

Holly cheering her on

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Holly's field trip to the zoo

Holly had a field trip Monday to the zoo. The weather was cold but they had a blast!

Holly and Avery petting the stinky goats

Holly's 1st soccer game

Holly had her first soccer game Tuesday night. She was so excited. She ran around like a nut. She apparently doesnt like to kick the ball too much. She also cheered for the other team when they would score :)
Like her sister, she likes to dance on the field in the middle of the game!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Soccer has begun...

We had our first soccer practice tonite and both girls did really good. Brooke was excited because her lil buddy from school is on her team this season.
Let's hope this year Brooke won't be so clingy to Coach Jeremy!

Brooke is saying "Stop taking my picture!!!!" - Get over it kid...not gonna happen!

The Gate River Run

We ran the Junior River run on Saturday. I ran a whole mile! The girls were very excited to do their first race. They told me they didn't want to run with me because "Daddy runs better..." (he ran the 15K) so of course I had to prove a point! :) Did I mention I ran a whole mile??? Holly took off super fast like the Police were chasing her and ended up getting a side ache 1/2 way thru so I practically dragged her. She ended up getting excited with all the people clapping at the finish and started running again. Brooke on the other hand ran it in 12 minutes, stopping occasionally to skip or hop up and down on the curb. They were very proud when they got their medals! Monkeys getting some bananas before the race

Waiting for the cannon to go off and start the race

Me dragging Holly
Brooke hopping up and down the curbs

Brooke and Daddy kicked Holly and my butts

39th birthday...ugh!!!!!

We went out for Japanese food and then did cake afterwards for my 39th birthday. I personally could have just skipped the day completely but the girls are all about the cake!! :)

Holly catching shrimp from the chef

4 candles are way better than 39!!!!

Celebrating at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Bop and Grandma and Grandpa


Holly was picked to be the V.I.K. and was most excited....it comes with exceptional benefits, such as being the Line Leader and chocolate chip cookies in the cafeteria...who could ask for more???

Happy Valentine's Day

The girls heading to school for their Valentine's Day parties...