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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day


We had a nice Christmas. Holly got up at 5:00 a.m. and we let Brooke sleep as long as possible til Holly yanked her out of bed at 6:00. The girls had a ball and paper was flying everywhere. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas!

Here's the tree after Santa came. Being silly

opening presents...
All Bop wanted was her own radio with headphones....she was most excited that it was pink :)
Holly practicing with her new skates
All cleaned up and ready to go to Grandma & Grandpa's house

Brooke was very happy that Grandma made her a bathrobe. She wears it every night.
Getting ready to eat dinner
Papa telling Bop a story
Sitting with Grandma & Grandpa
Papa and the girls
Me and Dad
Dan, his Dad & the girls
The weather here has been incredible...it's like spring time. We made good use of the beautiful day and rollerskated a lot. Mommy's sore.... :)

Holly skating in the garage

The days before Christmas...

Holly has discovered how much fun the Wii is....she's pretty good at it too.

Yay! She got a strike!

Spending some fun time at Anne and Allison's house
Anne was telling ghost stories in the play house
Holly & Allison
Wearing another dress Grandma made
Exchanging gifts with Reid and Laney
Christmas eve
We loaded up in the back of the truck and drove around looking at Christmas lights on Christmas eve
We found a house that would give Clark Griswold a run for his money!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Official visit with Santa

We went to Santa's little mall hut on Thursday night. We were glad that he didn't have a black eye this year like he did last year. The girls were very very excited. They both hopped right in his lap. Brooke told him she wants her own radio and Holly wants some new roller skates. Easy enough! :)

Waiting outside for our turn
Bop and Reid
Ho Ho Ho (Santa was kinda crabby this year - maybe we should have brought him some tequila)
Now would it kill you to grin a little bit Santa?

Brooke's Christmas show at school...

Brooke had two little Christmas shows at school (some kids come on different days - so they do everything twice). Santa showed up and brought them a present. She was so excited because her Grandma and Grandpa Maher came to watch. Her Grandma made her two Christmas dresses to wear...which she loved! Her and her class were so cute!

Brooke's Christmas show at school

Her and her best lil school buddy Hannah Elizabeth

Fa la la la la la la la la

She had to take a break for a little nose-picking
Her and her teacher Ms. Biltoc
Brooke and Grandma & Grandpa
Sitting on Santa's lap
Day #2Sitting on Santa's lap AGAIN

Jaguars vs. Packers

We met up with the Wisconsin Cheeseheads down at the Jags game last Sunday. The Jaguars actually pulled off a win!

Amy, Me and Kim before the gameNancy, Carl, Troy, Amy, me and Kim. There were lots and lots of Packers fans at that game. I walked up to their seats before the game

There is Carl with his cheesehead

We had pretty good seats